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Astrological Analysis of George Bush's response to Terrorist Attack
Presidential response to the terrorist airborne attack on New York and Washington, DC
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George W Bush

George Bush's Astrological Birth Chart

GWB's chart points to bloody conflict in Afghanistan.

To keep it simple, I am going to stick to the tried and tested facts.

  • From the ancient origins of astrology, the red planet Mars was associated with war.
  • An Astro*Carto*Graphy World Map shows where on earth an individual will experience different sides to their nature. See Astro*Carto*Graphy home page for a fuller explanation.
  • Such an A*C*G map for a leader will reveal the inner workings and outer expression of his or her foreign policy.
  • So if we project George W. Bush's chart onto an Astro*Carto*Graphy map, his Mars line will reveal the zones where warfare, aggression, competition and sporting endeavour are most likely to surface.
  • Well, it's no surprise that his Mars line runs through Afghanistan and Pakistan. [It also runs through the east coast of Australia].

Mars lines point to war zones

Just to add some credence to this technique. Margaret Thatcher's Mars line runs through the Falkland Islands and Jimmy Carter's Mars line runs through Tehran, Iran. In JC's case, Mars was crossed by Jupiter bringing the religious element into his war with the Ayatollah. Unfortunately, this A*C*G technique has a long history of working!

Bin Laden - wanted dead or alive.

So far (Sept 21 2001), GWB has been surprisingly cool headed, even though the rhetoric is increasingly 'Martian'. It would not be surprising if his patience wears very thin. With Mars, you want action and you want it now.

The positive news is that Mars alone points to a conventional war rather than Mars linked to Pluto which would result in a cold war and even threaten to escalate tension into nuclear conflict.

New York a destructive and yet inspirational zone for GWB

Of course, GWB's Pluto, the planet associated with destruction goes through New York. So this is a place of mass destruction for him and point where he has to reinvent himself as a man among the ashes and ruins. Though the urge for revenge will be strongest when he is in New York, pacifists can be thankful that his Mars is in the analytical and slightly restrained sign of Virgo and that he is based in Washington where the more tolerant and protective influences of the Moon and Jupiter (Moon/Jupiter IC lines) predominate.

Iran - a friend not a foe

Given recent history, it might be natural for GWB's team to be wary of Iran and put their overtures down to self-interest with two dictatorial regimes on its border. But with GWB's Venus line runing through Iran, they will be his allies and even in time friends. But there is a natural change here in the birth place of Muslim fundamentalism. Here the movement will soon run its natural course and even served its purpose as a wake-up call to a lapses in a powerful religion. Now it has infected the neighbouring countries, but by 2009 when Pluto leaves Sagittarius the movement will have burnt itself out. Travel will be less dangerous. Like Communism or any religious fanaticism, this movement is not really a threat to the world provided it is allowed to run its course. It requires those who feel threatened to confident that like Communism, it is a movement that withers under the glare of truth and intelligence.

For some additional thoughts on Bush's ACG lines and updated commentary on world political trends from astrologer, Marjorie Orr.

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