Key Resources

Metalog - [Metalog] [Karen Chiarello] Metalog's Astrology on the Net - The web's most extensive & established directory of professional astrology sites. [London, England]

Find [Robin Manteris] Comprehensive directory of professional astrologers, astrology courses, organizations, conferences, books, software. [Santa Fe, NM]

British Astrological AssociationAstrological Association of Great Britain [Roy Gillett, Pres.] One of Europe's leading astrological organisations, bringing together astrologers from all over the world.[London, England]

Urania Trust Urania Trust [Jonathan Powell]Registered astrological charity dedicated to promoting astrology especially astrological publications, research and lectures. [London, England] [Martin Heelis] Visit for a comprehensive listing of Astrology websites on the internet. [Birkenhead, UK]

Astrology & Horoscopes: Key To Your Fortune [Arun Agrawal] for numerology, horoscopes and astrology items from renowned resources. [Kolkata, India]

HRH Search Engine [Webmaster] Search engine and directory for spiritual subjects, plus news updates. [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

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