Astro*Carto*Graphy®, Obama and the Middle East
Addressing core Middle East issues with emotive and persuasive argument.
Capturing the mood of religious tolerance of the Triple Conjunction in Aquarius.
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Highlight of Obama's Middle East tour: Truly historic & deeply moving speech in Cairo.

June 4th 2009: Obama's speech at Obama in CairoCairo University was very much in keeping with the ideals of democracy, interfaith tolerance, healing the past and upholding key human rights encapsulated by the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius.
"Time to act on what we know to be true."
"Our daughters can contribute as much as our sons."
"A woman who is denied education is denied equality."
"Suppressing ideas does not cause them to go away."
"Education and innovation will be the currency of the 21st century."
"America and Islam ... share common principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings."
"Be conscious of God and speak always the truth." [Koran]

Jupiter and Neptune address the philosophy of religion. Obama quoted the Koran (several times), the Talmud and the Bible. Full text of speech.

Obama uses his personal story to challenge ingrained religious prejudice throughout the world.

Barack Obama has risen to the impossible challenge with a remarkably personal, moving speech with great sensitivity to religious beliefs. While Obama's Astro*Carto*Graphy influences over Cairo dictated the approach and tone of his speech (persuasive appeal to reach core emotional issues), the content of his speech tuned into the importance of honesty, religious tolerance, philosophy and healing in line with the world-wide influence of Jupiter/Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. At many points Obama invoked the personal energy of the Moon (so strong for him here) to great effect. He did this by mentioning his remarkable personal story, his family, his Muslim ancestry, his middle name, Hussein and his racial connection with the oppressed.

"Only time will tell if the US President is Barack or Hussein" - Isreali Settler leader ;
Barack is of African origin meaning Blessed. Hussein is of Arabic origin meaning Handsome or Good.

With the Aquarian line-up, miracles can happen. Ingrained prejudices can soften. Boundaries can merge. All societies can pursue a Utopian vision.

What is potentially sensational is that Obama's visit coincides with the triple conjunction in Aquarius of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. It entered 1° orb on May 14 and remarkably remains with orb until 24 July. [see 2009 Triple Conjunction] and [see Social Networking] This rare mix of planets in Aquarius could be a divine gift. It provides a platform for the world to heal the past and look to a more compassionate society in the future. Collectively we can envisage a Utopian world, but one that requires a shift in human consciousness to enable it to evolve. Obama is already working towards his vision of Nuke free world.

Did Obama's speech inspire a vision of peace and shared community in the Middle East which has suffered millennia of religious hate and prejudice?

So far the response has been positive. It would not be possible to please everyone. Republican critics say Obama was too apologetic and hard-line Muslims expected him to apologize for US wars in Muslim countries. [] However, Hamas acknowledged a change in his tone of speech compared to Bush and Isreal acknowledged the speech as important. While it is not said publicly, more people are open to new boundaries psychologically and geopolitically during the triple conjunction than at any other time in recent history. Obama's speech tuned into that mood. [Moon MC line]

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Saudi, Iraq, Somalia: Tough Medicine. Bedside manners are extra.

Saudi Arabia. June 3, 2009. Obama met King Abdullah and the House of Saud in Riyadh. Here he was very close to his Mars Rising line which really governs his relationship with the whole of Saudi Arabia. While Mars lines are often quite volatile locations for most people, Obama [Mars in Virgo trine Chiron] instinctively knows how to act to start the process of healing. Here his approach is gracious, firm, frank but therapeutic and complete.

Obama rises to the personal challenge to reach buried emotional issues and wounds in Cairo.

Cairo, Egypt: June 4 For anyone else with Obama's birth chart (i.e. born at same time, place & date), this would be a difficult and angst ridden zone. Three of his most challenging planets [Pluto, Moon and Chiron] cross just to the west of the city within Egypt. These three planets form a T-square in Obama's horoscope. To put it simply, matters of health, family and destiny don't mix easily for him especially here. But it's a lot more complex than that. It brings family tragedy (to which Obama is no stranger having lost many members of his family at a young age) and a need to focus on core issues and a compulsion to heal the wounds of the past. This very powerful energy that is most strong over Egypt constellates powerful, momentous occasions and tragic events around Obama.

Random Event or Synchronicity in AstroCartoGraphy

Here's a symbolic event that shows how Obama's seemingly fated connection with Egypt manifests. A week before Obama's trip on 26 May, President Mubarak of Egypt had to cancel his White House meeting with Obama following the tragic death of his 12 year old grandson. [source BBC] It's natural to think of this tragic event as a meaningless random coincidence. However, to recognize such synchronicity is fundamental to understanding astrology and the universe. Astro*Carto*Graphy can work remotely and people from distant locations embody the energy of your lines in their home location. For example, people often fall in love with individuals who come from their Venus line.
"Until you make the unconscious, conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate". Carl Gustav Jung

Obama addresses core emotional issues and wounds in Cairo Speech

Obama is well placed to make his speech at Cairo University. The Moon was in Gemini directly over Cairo when he was born. This enabled him to put an emotional appeal into clear and reasoned words that resonated with the audience. Yet with Chiron setting, his words will inevitably aggravate open wounds from the past and invite critical reaction from the most extreme factions in his wider audience. Yet, there's no doubt that he gave his audience greater insight into the ideals of his governance. With the background of the triple conjunction [Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius] I believe that his speech will unlock the ludicrous impasse that has been degrading life in these Holy Lands for thousands of years and the rest of the World for at least a decade and bring greater tolerance between faiths. The careful clarity and the logic of the speech leaves little ground to justify terrorism on any grounds other than psychopathic malice.

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Robert Currey 3rd May 2009
Obama's logic arouses the hidden masses in Tehran to pursue their longed-for rights.

Obama's tough therapeutic approach works in locations to the west of his [red] Mars line including the new 'Barbary' coast of Somalia, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Baghdad (Iraq). However, he will find this direct approach is less effective in areas to the east of the Mars Asc line notably Tehran (Iran). Here Mars in Virgo falls in his 12th house so he will be most effective in passively arousing hidden collective forces with succinct logical analysis. His success comes from putting the decisions back onto Iran .
"The question, now, is not what Iran is against, but rather what future it wants to build." ~ Obama in Cairo

Obama's passive aggressive approach is infinitely more effective than the direct confrontation of his predecessors. In the past, by openly applying pressure onto Iran, the USA and UK were seen as the 'big satan' and 'little satan'. Any Iranian opposition to the Ayatollah regime were seen as traitors to their country.
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Obama ACG Map for the Middle East

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Martin Davis, also pointed out the neat symbolism of the Islamic icon of the crescent moon and Obama having the Moon so prominent in his chart over Cairo.

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